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Learn to play solo guitar tunes.

Level TitleTopicID
Bianco Fiore (Cesare Negri) Classical SO-02
Can’t Help Falling in Love (Elvis) Pop SO-07
Dang Ni Lao Le (Zhao Zhao) C-Pop SO-09
Op 60 No 6 (Sor) Classical SO-18
Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson) Pop SO-26
Drifting Clouds (Masaaki Kishibe) Fingerstyle SO-19
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep Children SO-27
Frère Jacques Children SO-28
I’m A Little Teapot Children SO-29
The Itsy Bitsy Spider Children SO-30
London Bridge Children SO-31
Mary Had a Little Lamb Children SO-32
Old MacDonald Children SO-33
She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain Children SO-34
Three Blind Mice Children SO-35
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Children SO-36
Kemp’s Jig (Anon) Classical SO-47
Greensleeves (Anon) Classical SO-48
Wiegenleid (Brahms Lullaby) Classical SO-49
Amazing Grace, Open D Western SO-52
Auld Lang Syne Western SO-53
Aura Lee Western SO-54
Daisy Bell Western SO-56
Happy Birthday Western SO-57
Oh Shenandoah Western SO-58
Wildwood Flower Western SO-60
Hana (Masaaki Kishibe) Fingerstyle SO-10
It Could Have Been (Ulli Bogershausen) Fingerstyle SO-11
Ragtime Ramble (Richard Saslow) Ragtime SO-16
Op 35 No 13 (Sor) Classical SO-17
Etude No. 2 (Kreutzer) Classical SO-37
Lagrima (Tarrega) Classical SO-42
November (Masaaki Kishibe) Fingerstyle SO-50
Amazing Grace, Drop D Western SO-51
Battle Hymn of the Republic Western SO-55
Red River Valley Western SO-59
Nostalgicas No 4 (Marco Pereira) Latin SO-14
Ragtime Pickin’ (Richard Saslow) Ragtime SO-15
Minuet in G (Christian Pezold) Classical SO-38
Gymnopedie No. 1 (Erik Satie) Classical SO-39
Cello Suite (Bach) Classical SO-40
Lament (Pat Coldrick) Fingerstyle SO-20
Miracle Mountain (Masaaki Kishibe) Fingerstyle SO-22
Time Travel (Masaaki Kishibe) Fingerstyle SO-23
Drowsy Maggie Celtic SO-37
The Lilting Banshee Celtic SO-38
The Blarney Pilgrim Celtic SO-39
The Connaughtman’s Rambles Celtic SO-40
The Green Mountain Celtic SO-41
The Irish Washerwoman Celtic SO-42
The Kesh Jig Celtic SO-43
The Kid on the Mountain Celtic SO-44
The Swallow’s Tail Celtic SO-45
Tobin’s Favorite Celtic SO-46
Romanza (Anonymous) Classical SO-41
Akaskero (Thomas Leeb) Fingerstyle SO-24
Angelina (Tommy Emmanuel) Fingerstyle SO-25
Bourree in Em (Bach) Classical SO-05
Magnolia (Martin Tallstrom) Fingerstyle SO-21

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