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Miracle Mountain (Masaaki Kishibe)

This mysterious-sounding tune should be approachable for most intermediate players.

The Form

  • Play Section A. Note that this is typically repeated once or twice in the live performance.
  • Play Section B.
  • Play Section C to the first ending (mm14-29). Return to the beginning repeat at m1.
  • Play A, B, and C again. This time take C to the second ending. (Stop at m28 and jump to m30). Now that we see a D.S. al Coda, we must return to the del Segno sign at m14 and look for the next instructions to the coda.
  • Play from mm14-20, now we see To Coda, so jump to m31.
  • Play from 31 to the end.


  • Learn how to tune your guitar to open D tuning (DADF#ad)
  • Practice the tune slowly
  • Pay attention to the unusual or tricky chords such as the barre chord in m2, and the stretchy chord in m10. The faster you can commit these shapes to memory, the easier the tune will be to play.
  • Mind the long-distance slide in m14. Close your eyes and practice playing the Vth fret note, and slide your finger up to Fret X, feeling and counting every fret-bump along the way. Repeat this exercise until you can slide from Fret V to Fret X without looking.


Open D (DADF♯AD); capo II

The Tablature

Click here to download the pdf.

About the Artist

Masaaki Kishibe of Osaka, Japan is one of the finest and most widely-regarded fingerstyle guitar players in Asia. He tours with a wide variety of artists. A younger Andy McKee toured with him before. An alumnus of Berklee College of Music, Masaaki Kishibe's music is notable in that it is not excessively complex, allowing listeners of all types to enjoy. It is perhaps because of this that many of Masaaki Kishibe's tunes end up being possible for even beginners to play.


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