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Guitar Fretboard Knowledge Lessons

Level TitleTopicID
Learn the Open Strings Notes FR-95
Guitar Chords for Beginners Chords FR-01
C Major Scale for Guitar - One Octave Scales FR-02
E Major Scale on One String Scales FR-09
Comprehensive List of 2-Finger Chords for Guitar Chords FR-101
Introduction to Arpeggios Arpeggios FR-103
Learning the Open Position Notes Notes FR-96
Guitar Chords for Beginners - Campfire Chords Chords FR-03
Guitar Chords for Beginners - Campfire Chords, Pt 2 Chords FR-10
Basic Arpeggio Exercise Arpeggios FR-104
Learn the Open Position F Major Scale Notes FR-111
Open Chords in C Major Chords FR-80
G Major Scale Open Position Scales FR-102
Learn All Open Chords in G Chords FR-110
Open Chords and Suspended Chords Chords FR-07
Major Scale and Major Pentatonic Scale Scales FR-06
Guitar Triads Chart (Major) Chords FR-04
Guitar Triads Chart (Minor) Chords FR-05
How to Play Power Chords Chords FR-08
One Octave Arpeggio Forms Arpeggios FR-109
Guitar Interval Map Notes FR-11
Guitar Triads Chart (Suspended 2) Chords FR-12
Guitar Triads Chart (Suspended 4) Chords FR-13
Memorize the Notes on the Fretboard Using Octaves Notes FR-14
How To Play Barre Chords (Introduction) Chords FR-15
How To Play Minor Scales Scales FR-16
One-Octave Parallel Mode Fingerings Scales FR-17
Five Pentatonic Scale Fingerings Scales FR-18
How To Play Seventh Chords in C Chords FR-19
How to Play Barre Chords: CAGED System Chords FR-20
Chromatic Scale Patterns Scales FR-27
Chord Progression Cycles Chords FR-28
Two-Note Scale Fragments Scales FR-99
Position Playing: Arpeggios in Vth Position Arpeggios FR-113
Understanding the Notes in Vth Position Notes FR-114
Major Scale Fingerings Scales FR-29
Guitar Triads Chart (Augmented) Chords FR-31
Advanced Jazz Barre Chords Chords FR-30
Guitar Triads Chart (Diminished) Chords FR-32
Drop 2 Chords Chart (Advanced Chord Lesson) Chords FR-33
Drop 2 Chords (dom7) Chords FR-89
Drop 2 Chords (min7) Chords FR-90
Drop 2 Chords (min7b5) Chords FR-91
Drop 3 Chords Chart Chords FR-36
Drop 3 Chords (dom7) Chords FR-92
Drop 3 Chords (min7) Chords FR-93
Drop 3 Chords (min7b5) Chords FR-94
Memorizing The Notes on Guitar Notes FR-37
Pentatonic Scales Sequences, Part 1 Scales FR-38
Pentatonic Scales Sequences, Part 2 Scales FR-39
Augmented Triad Arpeggios - All Inversions Arpeggios FR-21
Diminished Triad Arpeggios - All Inversions Arpeggios FR-22
Major Triad Arpeggios - All Inversions Arpeggios FR-23
Minor Triad Arpeggios - All Inversions Arpeggios FR-24
Sus2 Triad Arpeggios - All Inversions Arpeggios FR-25
Sus4 Triad Arpeggios - All Inversions Arpeggios FR-26
Triads as Chord Progressions Chords FR-40
V of II Secondary Dominant Pattern Chords FR-41
Voice Leading I vi ii V with Triads Chords FR-42
V of VI Secondary Dominant Patterns Chords FR-43
V of III Secondary Dominant Patterns Chords FR-44
Whole Tone Patterns Scales FR-45
3-Octave Scale Scales FR-46
The “Major” Line Cliché Chords FR-47
Advanced Jazz Barre Chords, Part 2 Chords FR-48
Spread Triads: Augmented Chords Chords FR-75
Spread Triads: Diminished Chords Chords FR-76
Spread Triads: Minor Chords Chords FR-77
Spread Triads: sus2 Chords Chords FR-78
Spread Triads: sus4 chords Chords FR-79
Putting Arpeggios Into Action: Part 1 Arpeggios FR-105
Putting Arpeggios Into Action: Part 2 Arpeggios FR-106
Understanding the B String Gap Notes FR-112
Chord Dictionary with Minor Chords Chords FR-100
Major Scale Fingerings (3-Note) Scales FR-49
Chord Progression Chart, Part 1 Chords FR-50
Chord Progression Chart, Part 2 Chords FR-51
6-String Guitar Scale Patterns, Part 1 Scales FR-52
6-String Guitar Scale Patterns, Part 2 Scales FR-53
Advanced Guitar Triads - Spread Voicings Chords FR-54
Playing Diminished Chords Ascending Chords FR-55
V of V Secondary Dominant Pattern Chords FR-56
The Minor Line Cliché Chords FR-57
V of IV Secondary Dominant Patterns Chords FR-58
Modulating II-V Patterns Chords FR-59
Voiceleading Spread Triads Chords FR-60
Voice Leading Cycles 4 and 5 Chords FR-61
Voice Leading Cycles 3 and 6 Chords FR-62
Diminished 7th Chord Arpeggios (Advanced Arpeggios) Arpeggios FR-66
Dominant 7th Chord Arpeggios (Advanced Arpeggios) Arpeggios FR-67
Major 7th Chord Arpeggios (Advanced Arpeggios) Arpeggios FR-68
Minor 7th Chord Arpeggios (Advanced Arpeggios) Arpeggios FR-69
Half-diminished Chord Arpeggios (Advanced Arpeggios) Arpeggios FR-70
Drop 2&3 Chords Chart Chords FR-34
Drop 2&3 Chords (Dom7) Chords FR-86
Drop 2&3 Chords (min7) Chords FR-87
Drop 2&3 Chords (min7b5) Chords FR-88
Drop 2&4 Chords Chart Chords FR-35
Drop 2&4 Chords (Dom7) Chords FR-82
Drop 2&4 Chords (min7) Chords FR-83
Drop 2&4 Chords (min7b5) Chords FR-84
Using Tetrachords Scales FR-98
Memorizing All Drop 2 and Drop 3 Chords Chords FR-107
Learning All of the C Major Notes on the Guitar Notes FR-108
Harmonic Minor Scale for Guitar, All Modes Scales FR-63
Modifying 7th Chord Structures Chords FR-64
Melodic Minor Guitar Scales & Modes Scales FR-65
Diminished Scale Patterns Scales FR-71
Substitute Dominant Patterns Chords FR-72
Japanese Pentatonic Scales Hirajoshi Scales FR-73
Harmonic Major Patterns Scales FR-74
Quartal Harmony (Chords in Fourths) Chords FR-97

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