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Articles, Tips and Advice for Learning Guitar

Level TitleTopicID
Choosing A Guitar Teacher Learning CO-10
Guide To Buying Your First Guitar Shopping CO-01
Guitar Forever FAQ How-to CO-58
Acoustic vs. Electric Guitar: A Beginner’s Guide Shopping CO-02
Best Acoustic Guitars in Every Price Point Shopping CO-04
Bastard Guitars: How to Identify a Bad Guitar Shopping CO-05
Are Your Children Old Enough for Guitar Lessons? Advice CO-30
Why You’re Too Old To Learn Guitar Advice CO-31
Why You Need Guitar Lessons Learning CO-12
Should You Play Left-Handed or Right-Handed? Advice CO-33
Benefits of Learning Guitar Advice CO-39
Most Essential Guitar Accessories Shopping CO-09
What To Do About Sweaty, Clammy Hands Advice CO-65
Preventing Cold Hands in the Winter Advice CO-66
Why Guitar is the Best Instrument to Learn Advice CO-70
The Perfect Practice Space Advice CO-71
Pick the Perfect Guitar Shopping CO-78
Should You Buy a Guitar Online or In a Store? Advice CO-83
Basic Guitar Anatomy Learning CO-89
Guitar Capos Compared Shopping CO-90
Private Lesson Success: Making the Most of Your Private Lesson Learning CO-11
Practice Efficiently: Make The Most of Your Practice Time Learning CO-50
Should You Learn Tablature or Music Notation? Advice CO-64
How Much Time Should You Practice Each Day? Learning CO-24
How To Tune Your Guitar How-to CO-18
Why You Need To Get Your Guitar Set Up By a Pro Shopping CO-06
Best Apps for Learning Guitar on iPhone or iPad Shopping CO-07
Finding the Right Difficulty Level Advice CO-67
Why You Need Hearing Protection Advice CO-72
Why Some Styles are More Represented Advice CO-79
How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar? Advice CO-23
Avoid Practice Distractions Learning CO-56
Practice Distractions: Stop Looking at the Clock Learning CO-63
How Often Should You Change Your Strings? How-to CO-17
How to Deal With Discouragement Advice CO-26
Prevent Damage to Your Guitar Advice CO-27
Practice Motivation: How to Meet Your Practice Goal Learning CO-51
Best Websites for Learning Guitar Shopping CO-49
How To Change Your Guitar Strings How-to CO-19
How to Find Material That Fits Your Level Advice CO-35
Why You Should Take Lessons on Skype Learning CO-14
When and How to Use a Metronome How-to CO-22
Real Work is Hard Advice CO-68
Practice-Resistant Problems Advice CO-69
How to Avoid Falling Into A Rut Advice CO-73
Common Setup Problems Affecting Beginners Advice CO-81
Best Chair for Practicing Guitar Shopping CO-87
Practice Without A Guitar Learning CO-61
Are You a Solo or Ensemble Player? Advice CO-62
How to Memorize Guitar Songs How-to CO-16
Learn to Play and Sing at the Same Time Advice CO-25
Travel Guitars Reviewed: What Guitar is Best for Travel? Shopping CO-03
How to Avoid Guitar Injuries Advice CO-44
Traveling With Your Guitar How-to CO-54
How To Learn Ear Training and Music Theory How-to CO-20
Top 6 Myths About Learning Guitar Advice CO-32
Complete Guide to Guitar Picks Shopping CO-08
How to Organize Practice: Use Evernote to Get On Top How-to CO-21
Looking At The Guitar While Playing: Is It Bad? Advice CO-37
Sitting Or Standing: Which Way Should You Practice Guitar? Advice CO-38
Focus on Function To Learn Guitar Learning CO-52
Become a Better Player Each Time You Practice Advice CO-74
Coming Back after Time Away Advice CO-80
Guitar Hacks: Tips and Tricks Advice CO-82
Conditioning for the Hand, Wrist, and Fingers Advice CO-57
Guitar Calluses: Hand Care and Conditioning Advice CO-45
Guitar Nails: Care and Grooming Advice CO-28
Guitar Plateau: How to Jumpstart Progress When You’re Stuck Advice CO-29
Practice Anywhere: Take Your Practice On The Road How-to CO-55
Think Creatively: Become Your Own Teacher Learning CO-15
Learning Guitar By Ear: Why You Need to Work on Transcribing Advice CO-40
Correct Guitar Posture: Tips for Good Health Advice CO-46
Ideal Guitar Lesson Length Advice CO-75
Best Time of Day to Practice Advice CO-76
How to Assess Your Guitar Playing Advice CO-77
Why You Should Take Out a Loan to Buy a Guitar Shopping CO-84
Uninspired? Maybe It’s Time To Buy Some New Toys Advice CO-86
Letting Go of Practice Guilt Advice CO-59
Get a Gig: Work Opportunities for Guitar Players Advice CO-34
How To Find Performance Opportunities Advice CO-36
Too Complicated? Why Learning Hard Music Makes Everything Easier Advice CO-41
Should You Sharpen Strengths or Reinforce Weaknesses? Learning CO-53
Head Hands and Heart Advice CO-42
Why You Should Skip Music School Advice CO-43

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