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Guitar Technique Lessons

Level TitleTopicID
Introduction to Fingers Used Universal TQ-01
Where to Put the Fret Hand Thumb Universal TQ-02
How to Hold the Guitar Universal TQ-03
How to Hold the Pick Pick TQ-04
How to Position the Fingerpicking Hand and Fingers? Fingerstyle TQ-67
Chord Pushups: Learn Chords Quickly and Effectively Universal TQ-68
When Should You Use a Pick? Pick TQ-70
Basic Guitar Strumming Patterns Lesson Pick TQ-05
Hammer-on and Pull-off Techniques Universal TQ-06
Palm Muting Technique Pick TQ-07
Slide Technique Overview Universal TQ-08
Alternate Picking Guitar Lesson Pick TQ-09
Downpicking Technique Pick TQ-10
Volume Swell Effect Pick TQ-11
Power Chord Technique Lesson Pick TQ-12
Quarter-Note Strumming Patterns Universal TQ-13
Eighth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 1 Universal TQ-14
Eighth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 2 Universal TQ-15
Double Stop Technique Pick TQ-16
Guitar Trill Technique Universal TQ-17
Fingerstyle Beginner Lesson Fingerstyle TQ-18
Barre Chords Technique Universal TQ-26
Strumming Behind the Nut Pick TQ-27
Why You're Touching the Wrong Strings Universal TQ-28
How to Switch Between Chords Universal TQ-29
Guitar Bend Technique Overview Pick TQ-19
Guitar Legato Style Universal TQ-20
Up-Picking Overview Pick TQ-21
Guitar Tremolo Picking Overview Pick TQ-22
Eighth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 3 Universal TQ-23
Eighth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 4 Universal TQ-24
Guitar Vibrato Technique Universal TQ-25
Three-Note Chromatic Pull-Off Universal TQ-63
Pick The Bass Notes Pick TQ-64
Alternate Picking Exercises Pick TQ-30
Fret-Hand Stretches Overview Universal TQ-31
Guitar Slur Exercises Universal TQ-32
Natural Guitar Harmonics Universal TQ-33
Finger Independence for Better Dexterity Universal TQ-45
Using Slides for Position Shifts Universal TQ-46
The Soundhole Scratch Universal TQ-47
Tonic Note Drone: a Musically Interesting Dexterity Builder Universal TQ-69
Guitar String Scratching Exercises Pick TQ-34
Guitar Tremolo Picking Exercises Pick TQ-35
String Skipping for Lead Guitar Pick TQ-36
Sixteenth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 1 Universal TQ-37
Sixteenth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 2 Universal TQ-38
Sixteenth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 3 Universal TQ-39
Guitar Trill Exercises Universal TQ-40
Fingerstyle Exercises - Forward Rolls Fingerstyle TQ-41
Fingerstyle Exercises - Backward Rolls Fingerstyle TQ-42
Fingerstyle Exercises - All Together Fingerstyle TQ-43
Double Stop Exercises Pick TQ-44
Artificial Harmonics Overview Universal TQ-48
Tap Harmonics Overview Fingerstyle TQ-49
Economy Picking Exercises Pick TQ-50
Fret Hand Muting Pick TQ-51
Fingerstyle - Adding the Pinky Fingerstyle TQ-57
Pinch Harmonics Overview Pick TQ-52
How to Jump Quickly Across Strings Universal TQ-66
String Skipping Exercises Pick TQ-53
Artificial Harmonics Exercises Universal TQ-54
Fret-Hand Stretches Exercises - Advanced Universal TQ-55
Sixteenth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 4 Universal TQ-56
Bending and Tapping Overview Pick TQ-58
Hybrid Picking Overview Pick TQ-59
Special Effects Overview Universal TQ-60
Sweep Picking Overview Pick TQ-61
Tapping Overview Universal TQ-62
Tremolo Chords Pick TQ-65

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