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Guitar Slur Exercises

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Slur Exercises Hi I'm Grey and this is Hub Guitar. We're going to talk about the techniques on the guitar that create musical slurs. Slurs are when multiple notes are blurred together to form a coherent sequence. In vocal music, this is sometimes called a melisma. Every instrument has a different way of accomplishing this. But for guitar players, our options are limited. That's because the instrument has frets. So our options are limited to techniques which takes a fretted note, and changes it to another fretted note on the same string. The key will be that we will not re-articulate the second note. What I mean by that is that we will pluck the first note and perform a technique leading to a second note but the second note will not itself be plucked. We can actually combine this into multiple notes played altogether. The techniques that we have available to create slurs include: bends, slides, hammer ons, and pull-offs. That's about it. So to practice this technique of playing a lot of notes for the price of one, you can try linking together these different techniques. You'll notice that these techniques are all single string techniques. We cannot blend the notes together that belong to two different strings. So there will be a lot of playing up and down a single string. And that's what makes the guitar sound so distinctive. These different techniques all add flavor and interest to our playing. So let's use a simple scale, and make a few different combinations using these techniques.(demonstrate) Below I've given another specific example in case you'd like something written out to follow. However, like with all techniques, you'll be able to best master it by developing your own understanding of it and applying it in your own way.

What is a Slur?

A slur is a musical phrase or melody that is connected by various techniques including slides, hammer-ons and bends. In a slur, the first note is attackA term describing the point in time when a note first begins. This is the moment the piano key is pushed or the guitar string is plucked.ed and then the rest of the notes are played without striking again. Think of it as a single note which is manipulated into other notes, rather than a series of individual notes. In vocal music, a slur is sometimes called a melisma.

Note: a slur is a kind of legato, and the two concepts are closely related. The difference is that, on the guitar, the first note of a slur is articulateAn articulation refers to the clear separation of notes. In this case, it refers to the attack used to initiate a note. Notes that are attacked are more clearly articulated than notes that are merely the result of a slur.d and the remaining are not re-articulated.

Slur Example

Consider the following lick:

The notation shows that the notes are “tied together”. This could mean that the first note of each group will be picked, and the rest will be played somehow with only the fret hand, or it could just mean to take care to let each note have its full rhythmic value. The tablature on the bottom shows one possible interpretation of this melody, using hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides.

Slur Exercises

  1. See how many melody notes you can play with one strike of the pick, without re-articulating them.
  2. Improvise using as many slurs as possible per note, no accompaniment.
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