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Learn to Read Music on Guitar

Level TitleTopicID
Introduction to Reading Music Tutorial RD-01
Choosing Fingerings for Sight Reading Tutorial RD-03
Warm Up with the Major Scale Tutorial RD-04
How To Read Guitar Tab Tutorial RD-85
How to Read Rests Tutorial RD-86
Sight Reading in Different Keys Tutorial RD-02
Sight Reading Introductory Exercise 1 General RD-61
Sight Reading Introductory Exercise 2 General RD-62
Sight Reading Introductory Exercise 3 General RD-63
Sight Reading Introductory Exercise 4 General RD-64
Sight Reading Introductory Exercise 5 General RD-65
Sight Reading Introductory Exercise 6 General RD-66
Sight Reading Introductory Exercise 7 General RD-67
Sight Reading Introductory Exercise 8 General RD-68
Sight Reading Introductory Exercise 9 General RD-69
Common Scale Patterns Tutorial RD-05
Sight Reading Basic Exercise 1 General RD-51
Sight Reading Basic Exercise 2 General RD-52
Sight Reading Basic Exercise 3 General RD-53
Sight Reading Basic Exercise 4 General RD-54
Sight Reading Basic Exercise 5 General RD-55
Sight Reading Basic Exercise 6 General RD-56
Sight Reading Basic Exercise 7 General RD-57
Sight Reading Basic Exercise 8 General RD-58
Sight Reading Basic Exercise 9 General RD-59
Sight Reading Basic Exercise 10 General RD-60
Acceptable Song General RD-11
Aflatoxin Blues Blues RD-12
Average Song General RD-13
Cyclops Avant-garde RD-14
Decent Song General RD-15
Good Song General RD-16
Hot Chocolate Blues Blues RD-17
Ligna Op. 1 Classical RD-18
Ligna Op. 2 Classical RD-19
Ligna Op. 3 Classical RD-20
Ligna Op. 4 Classical RD-21
Ligna Op. 5 Classical RD-22
Mediocre Song General RD-23
Minor Inconvenience Blues Blues RD-24
Mountain Bananas Avant-garde RD-25
Papercut Blues Blues RD-26
Rabbit Scientist Avant-garde RD-27
Rug Burn Blues Blues RD-28
Screech Avant-garde RD-29
The Horned Lizard King Avant-garde RD-30
Octaves and Transpositions Tutorial RD-07
Recognizing Familiar Structures while Reading Tutorial RD-08
Recognizing Arpeggios while Reading Tutorial RD-09
Eighth and Sixteenth Practice Classical RD-72
Exatron Avant-garde RD-73
Osmanthus, Op. 13 Classical RD-74
Ruyao Blue Blues RD-75
Bungie Avant-garde RD-76
Sixteenth Note Practice Classical RD-77
A Little Off-Blue Blues RD-78
$0.20 Avant-garde RD-79
August Memory General RD-31
Osmanthus, Op. 11 Classical RD-80
Olive Blues Blues RD-81
Avid Gardener Avant-garde RD-82
All Natural Blues Blues RD-83
Osmanthus, Op. 14 Classical RD-84
Captain Nancy Blues Blues RD-32
Game Over Avant-garde RD-33
Gravy Blues Blues RD-34
Homework Avant-garde RD-35
I Can’t Believe Tiffany Said That Avant-garde RD-36
If You See Tiffany Pretend She’s Not There Avant-garde RD-37
Insincere Tribute Avant-garde RD-38
Late for Dinner Blues Blues RD-39
Ligna Op. 10 Classical RD-40
Ligna Op. 6 Classical RD-41
Ligna Op. 7 Classical RD-42
Ligna Op. 8 Classical RD-43
Ligna Op. 9 Classical RD-44
Mayo Blues Blues RD-45
Perfectly Legal Song General RD-46
Soap Opera General RD-47
The March of 11 Ostriches Whose Names Can Only Be Guessed General RD-48
The Worst Song Ever General RD-49
Triple Whammy Blues Blues RD-50
Recognizing Leaps while Reading Tutorial RD-10
Duckpower Avant-garde RD-70
Old Man Skeet’s Blues Blues RD-71

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