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Sight Reading Introductory Exercise 4


This simple exercise uses basic open chords. Play the chords first.


On measures 12 and 27, there is an F♯. This means you play the note F but raise it by one half stepThe smallest possible step, consisting of a minor second. For instance, fret I and fret II are separated by a half step., or one fret. This would be on the IInd fret of the high “E” string, or the VIIth fret of the “B” string. Pay careful attention to these two accidentalAny named note whose pitch is modified by a sharp (♯) or flat (♭) symbol. This even includes notes that are returned to a non-sharp or non-flat by the natural symbol (♮).s.


This should be read in Position I or Position V. (In the open position or at the Vth fret.) It is recommended to read it in both positions.

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