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Ear Training, Rhythm and Improvisation Lessons

Level TitleTopicID
Introduction to Improvising Improvising MU-01
Introduction to Rhythm Rhythm MU-02
Improvisation with Major Pentatonic Improvising MU-09
Improvising with Major Scale Improvising MU-10
Play Melodies by Ear Using the Scale Ear-training MU-05
Off-the-beat (Syncopated) Rhythms Rhythm MU-03
Strumming the Guitar Rhythm MU-04
Slow “I vi IV V” Progression Improvising MU-31
Improv with “I iii iv V” Progression Improvising MU-43
Improv with “I V vi IV” Improvising MU-44
Improv with “I vi ii V” Improvising MU-45
Improv with upbeat “I vi IV V” Improvising MU-46
Improv with “V IV I” Improvising MU-47
Hearing Major Scale Intervals Ear-training MU-06
Guitar Eighth Note Rhythms, Pt 1 Rhythm MU-07
Eighth Note Rhythms - Part 2 Rhythm MU-08
How to Count: Be Aware of the Beat Rhythm MU-11
Play An 8 Bar Blues Improvising MU-32
Play a Blues Shuffle Improvising MU-33
Play a “Sliding 9th Chord” Blues Improvising MU-34
Play a Memphis-Style Blues Improvising MU-35
Play a Minor Blues Improvising MU-36
Play a Blues Rock Improvising MU-37
Play an Upbeat Texas Blues Improvising MU-38
Hearing Chromatic Intervals Ear-training MU-12
Improvisation in a Minor Key Improvising MU-13
Improvising with Chord Tones Improvising MU-14
Improvising Minor Pentatonic Improvising MU-15
How to Swing (And When It's Called For) Rhythm MU-17
Fundamental Rhythms in Various Styles Rhythm MU-16
Improvise in Dorian Mode Improvising MU-39
Improvise in Lydian Mode Improvising MU-40
Improvise in Mixolydian Mode Improvising MU-41
Improvise in Phrygian Mode Improvising MU-42
Improv with Andalusian Cadence Improvising MU-48
Improv with Ascending Diminished Chords Improvising MU-52
Improv with Descending Sub-V Chords Improvising MU-53
Improv with Latin Montuno Pattern Improvising MU-57
Improv with Samba Pattern Improvising MU-58
Call-And-Response Rhythm Rhythm MU-18
Play Smart: How to Connect the Chord Tones Improvising MU-19
Improvising Over a Blues Improvising MU-20
Metronome Studies Rhythm MU-21
How to Improvise Over Secondary Dominants Improvising MU-23
How to Improvise Over Substitute Dominant Chords Improvising MU-24
How to Understand (and play) Triplets Rhythm MU-25
Rhythm Study Rhythm MU-22
Improv with Gypsy Jazz Improvising MU-51
Improv with ii-V’s Moving By Half-Step Improvising MU-54
Improv with ii-V’s Moving By Whole-Step Improvising MU-55
Improv with Minor ii-V’s Improvising MU-56
Practice Badly Improvising MU-59
Hearing Triads Ear-training MU-26
Improvisation with Contrasting Voices Improvising MU-27
Add Some Feeling To Your Playing Improvising MU-28
Removing the Metronome Scaffolding Rhythm MU-29
Stop Time - Advanced Rhythm Exercise Rhythm MU-30
Improv with Bossa Nova (Major) Improvising MU-49
Improv with Bossa Nova (Minor) Improvising MU-50

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