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Online Music Theory Course for Guitar

Level TitleTopicID
Introduction to Music Theory General TH-03
The ABC’s of the Musical Alphabet General TH-04
Introduction to Rhythm Notation General TH-01
Introduction to Pitch Notation General TH-02
What Key Is This? How to Identify the Root Note General TH-06
Why the Guitar is Tuned in Fourths General TH-07
The Major Scale Formula General TH-05
Basic Music Theory Quiz Quiz TH-08
Building Chords from the Major Scale General TH-10
Harmonic Stress: Why the Order of Chords Matters General TH-11
Intervals, the Building Blocks of Harmony General TH-12
Understanding the Circle of Fifths General TH-13
Major Scale Chord Function: How Chords Behave General TH-09
The Pentatonic Scale General TH-51
Intermediate Music Theory Quiz Quiz TH-15
What is a Seventh Chord? Building 4-part Chords General TH-18
How Musical Stresses Work: Rhythmic Metric and Melodic Stress General TH-24
Chord Formulas for Building Guitar Chords General TH-16
The Perfect Fifth: The Basis of All Harmony? General TH-27
Chord Tensions: Adding Colorful Notes to Chords General TH-17
Basic Counterpoint for Guitar Players General TH-29
The Minor Scale Formula General TH-20
Analysis of Common Chord Progressions in Popular Music General TH-21
Are Sharps and Flats the Same? General TH-22
Blues Harmony and Theory General TH-23
How Chords Work in the Minor Key General TH-19
How to Write A Melody Over Chords General TH-25
How to Tell The Difference Between Major and Minor General TH-14
Advanced Music Theory Quiz, Pt. 1 Quiz TH-26
Advanced Music Theory Quiz, Pt. 2 Quiz TH-28
Metric Modulation: Changing Time Signatures General TH-36
Where Are There 12 Notes in an Octave? General TH-37
Deceptive Resolution: When Chords Misbehave Jazz TH-30
Harmonic Major Scale Jazz TH-39
Advanced Chord Scales Jazz TH-40
Using Drones in Modal Music General TH-41
Harmonic Series Overview General TH-31
Understanding Intervals and Inversions General TH-32
Secondary Dominant Chords General TH-33
Substitute Dominant or “Tritone Sub” Chords Jazz TH-34
Guess the Chords: How to Harmonize a Melody General TH-35
Expert Music Theory Quiz Quiz TH-38
Advanced Harmony with Substitute Seventh Chords Jazz TH-49
Advanced Chord Scales, Part 2 Jazz TH-50
Advanced Harmonic Applications of Triads General TH-42
Understanding Modal Harmony: Building Chords from Modes General TH-43
Mode Formulas: How the “Church Modes” Are Made General TH-45
Subdominant Minor Chords: Borrowing Chords from Minor Keys General TH-46
Modal Interchange: Borrowing Weird Chords Jazz TH-44
Music Theory Quiz: Master Quiz TH-48

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