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Advanced Music Theory Quiz, Pt. 1

About the Quiz

Note: this is part 1 of our advanced music theory quiz. When you are finished, you should be sure to take our Advanced Music Theory Quiz, Part 2.

Part 1 contains 43 questions, and is intended to assess how much of advanced-level music theory you understand. By the time you’ve mastered the basic and intermediate levels of music theory, you should have knowledge roughly equivalent to two semesters of college study.

Do not take this quiz for the heck of it. Be sure you are ready to take it. If you take this quiz before you are ready, you may retake it but you cannot be confident in the new results because your familiarity with the questions and answers will have compromised them.

You should feel free to use paper to jot down ideas, spell scales, chords and intervals, and work out the answers just as if you were approaching a math test. However, you should not use any reference material to find hints or answers.

You may not be able to pass this quiz merely by understanding the concepts used, or even by memorizing the information in our advanced-level music theory pages. You will actually need to use your knowledge to synthesize the answers.

If you score above 90%, you may be ready to proceed to studying expert-level music theory. If not, you should consider reviewing basic theory before moving on.

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