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Fingerstyle Exercises - All Together

How to Pluck Strings Together

  1. Position each finger (thumb, index, middle, ring) over a string. The thumb gets the bass or root note.
  2. Pluck the strings all together, or in a pattern such as two at a time.
  3. Use the fingertips to pluck; the function of the fingernail is to provide a smooth surface for the string to slide away from.
  4. Repeat slowly and work up speed.

These exercises focus on using two or more of your fingers at the same time. Fingerstyle accompanists often pluck the full chord all at once with four fingers. This accompaniment style softens the attack on the guitar chords and allows the guitar rhythm to blend more seamlessly into the music.

Fingers in Unison Exercise 1

This technique is very handy for pop, folk, jazz, latin and Bossa music as well as any acoustic music in which the guitar plays an accompanying role.

Guitar fingerpicking lesson all-together.

Two Fingers at a Time Exercise 2

This technique is heard in classical and country music, as well as many others.

Guitar fingerpicking lesson all-together.

Fingerstyle Exercises

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