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It Could Have Been (Ulli Bogershausen)

This somber tune by German fingerstyle master Ulli Bögershausen is easy to latch on to because of the slower tempo and use of open strings. But it also requires frequent jumps up and down the fretboard, an essential skill to master, as well as some huge stretches (albeit not very demanding, as they often only require two notes at a time instead of entire chords). A perfect tune to study to address these two technical challenges.




Standard tuning (EADGbe). You may prefer to use a capo on Fret II, especially if you have a cutaway.


Click here to download the pdf.

About the Artist

Ulli Bögershausen is one of Germany's top fingerstyle guitar players. He has a school for guitar in Germany. He plays Lakewood guitars and is notable for being a teacher/mentor to famous YouTube artist Sungha Jung.

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