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Ragtime Ramble (Richard Saslow)

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This beginner-friendly ragtime tune appeared in the excellent book, Richard S Saslow, The New Art of Ragtime Guitar[?]Affiliate Link, which includes a wealth of information about learning ragtime guitar and nearly a dozen unique arrangements for the guitar player learning this style. (For more information about the composer, please see Richard Saslow’s website.

The Chords

Most solo guitar music is based on chords. You will be able to play the piece more smoothly if you first learn the chords. Some of these chords do not appear in an obvious way, for example all together on a single beat. The notes are more often spread out over multiple beats, making it the guitar learner’s job to scan across the music and visualize the chord shapes implied.


G<sup>7</sup> chord diagram


C chord diagram


D<sup>7</sup> chord diagram


E<sup>7</sup> chord diagram


F chord diagram


F♯<sup>min7b5</sup> chord diagram


F/C chord diagram


F<sup>-</sup>/C chord diagram

The Notation

Click here to download the pdf.


Copyright for this composition and its notation belongs to Richard Sazlow. Used with permission; please do not duplicate. We respect copyright, so if you have any concerns at all, please contact us.

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