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November (Masaaki Kishibe)

Many YouTube viewers requested a lesson on “November”, a sweet tune by Masaaki Kishibe.

November features an extremely large stretch quote, Masaaki Kishibe uses conventional playing techniques, but other players reach their thumb over onto the opposite side of the guitar...


DADF♯ad; capo IV

Melody/Lead Sheet

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About the Artist

Masaaki Kishibe of Osaka, Japan is one of the finest and most widely-regarded fingerstyle guitar players in Asia. He tours with a wide variety of artists. A younger Andy McKee toured with him before. An alumnus of Berklee College of Music, Masaaki Kishibe's music is notable in that it is not excessively complex, allowing listeners of all types to enjoy. It is perhaps because of this that many of Masaaki Kishibe's tunes end up being possible for even beginners to play.


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