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Minuet in G (Christian Pezold)

This famous Baroque minuet has long been falsely attributed to Bach, due to its appearance in the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach. It is now attributed to a contemporary of Bach, Christian Petzold.



This is one of the most well-known pieces of music in classical repertoire. Most piano players learn it early on in their training, and many guitar players as well.

Key Points

  • Carefully choose left-hand fingerings for the smoothest possible performance.
  • Measures 17 and 18 are difficult. Practice this “sticky spot” 10 times first before playing the tune.
  • Carefully mind the suggested fingerings (circled numbers).
  • At measure 23 there is a half barre. A barre is needed but only for strings 1,2,3.


Standard tuning


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