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Akaskero (Thomas Leeb)

Thomas Leeb's tune, Akaskero, has been a favorite piece for fingerstyle players to cut their teeth on for many years now. This tune achieved even greater recognition when it was covered by Sungha Jung, an extremely popular YouTube artist known for his fingerstyle cover videos.

While this tune is not necessarily among the world’s most technically demanding, it has many fine and minute points that merit careful practice. In addition, it makes use of several novel techniques such as artificial harmonics, slap harmonics, and percussive techniques.


Open D (DADF#ad). Strings are tuned down from standard.


Note that this tab is an incomplete “cheat sheet”. Serious learners should get the official sheet music, available on Thomas Leeb’s website. Also available is an excellent video created by the man himself, giving you a look into his own techniques.

Click here to download the pdf.

About the Artist

Thomas Leeb is a highly admired and respected pioneer of contemporary fingerstyle guitar. His sheet music, available at his website, is top-notch material for players who want to master this style.


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