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Blue Bossa (Kenny Dorham)

Blue Bossa

Blue Bossa is a great introduction to the bossa nova style. Blue Bossa has a shorter form (16 measures) and relatively few chords. The tune has been transposeTo transpose is to change the key of a piece of music, by moving every single one of its notes by exactly the same amount, either up or down to a higher or lower key. d to E minor for convenience.

Lesson Video

Example Performance


  • Learn to play the chords as “block chords”
  • Learn to play the chords using the bossa nova accompaniment pattern
  • Learn to play the melody
  • Play the chords along with the backing track, in time
  • Play the melody along with the backing track, in time
  • Learn several “licks”, small melodies used in crafting an improvised guitar solo. Apply these to the backing track as well. String several together and form your own solo.

Chords Diagrams

The chords used for creating an accompaniment for the music.


F♯<sup>-7♭5(♭13)</sup> chord diagram


B<sup>7</sup> chord diagram


G<sup>min</sup> chord diagram


C<sup>9</sup> chord diagram

Chord Chart

F#-7b5B7E-7(F#-7b5 | B7)

Melody/Lead Sheet

Click here to download the pdf.

Backing Track

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