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Thalia Capo


The Thalia Capo[?]Affiliate Link is the most eye-catching capo, making it a great choice for performances or videos–or anybody who wants a little “bling” on their guitar.


  • More expensive

Who is this for?

The Thalia capo is a beautiful complement to any guitar.

Not just for good looks, the Thalia capo features interchangeable fret pads for different guitar neck radii. That’s a wonderful feature that perhaps no other capo has.

The capo comes with instructions for choosing the correct pad for your fingerboard, including a reference chart which you can use to find the fingerboard radius used by all major brands.

Overall, it rates as a capo that is top quality, performs well, and is visually attractive—earning it high marks across the board.

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Thalia Capo[?]Affiliate Link


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