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TC Electronic Polytune


The TC Electronic Polytune[?]Affiliate Link is an elegant tuner that will allow you to tune all six strings at once—provided that you are in standard tuning.


  • Tune all six strings at once in standard tunings
  • Can transpose for detuned tunings such as DGCFad and also can be used with a capo
  • Bright, clear display
  • Elegant design and smaller form factor
  • Smart display can re-orient itself if flipped, as a smart phone does


  • Polytune setting does not work with altered tunings
  • Limited range of angle adjustments

Who is this for?

Strumming all strings at once revealed a flat b string on this guitar.

This tuner would be perfect for someone who plays mostly in standard tunings. The Polytune setting lets you strum all six strings and see at a glance which of them are out of tune. Using this setting, one can quickly find which string(s) are out of tune and adjust them. For fine tuning, it is probably best to tune one string at a time.

Altered tunings

Although the Polytune supports detuned guitars and capos, it does not support altered tunings. Players who often use altered tunings may not find this feature helpful. It still works as a regular tuner, however.

How to Buy

TC Electronic Polytune[?]Affiliate Link


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