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Snark Hertz Tuner


A clip-on tuner is a must-have for any guitar player. The Snark Hertz (White)[?]Affiliate Link is reliable and affordable.


  • Tune via neck resonance, so your tuner works even in a loud room.
  • Fast, accurate tuning
  • Easy-to-read display


  • Need to keep keep button cell battery CR 2032 on hand.

Why get a tuner?

A guitar tuner will help you to quickly and accurately get your guitar tuned properly.

Isn’t it better if I learn to tune by ear instead?

Not really. Learning to tune by ear is a milestone that will come on its own, but using a tuner is still better for most players. This is because the tuning system we use, called 12-tone equal temperament, is not based on the harmonies the human ear naturally hears, but on a mathematically produced average of them. That’s why tuning by ear can be so frustrating.

Can’t I just use my phone?

Yes, but the tuner is more convenient. It’s always available, and it can hear your guitar better than your phone can. Besides, it’s best not to practice with distractions like phones.

How do I use it?

Clip the tuner to the guitar. It can hear the resonance of the guitar from anywhere. If you are having trouble getting a good reading you might even try clipping it to the soundhole. Pluck a single string and adjust accordingly; yellow is sharp, red is flat and green is just right. Continually pluck the string and adjust the tuning until it reaches the correct pitch.

This tuner cannot distinguish between two notes, so pluck only one at a time.

How to Buy

Snark Hertz (White)[?]Affiliate Link


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