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Roadie 2 Tuner


The Roadie 2 [?]Affiliate Link is an incredible device that will help you to tune your guitar more quickly and more accurately.


  • Automatically tune the strings—just turn the tuner on, position it over the lowest string tuning peg, and pluck the string. When it turns green, move to the next string.
  • Programmable settings useful for alternate tunings
  • Built-in capo settings, so you can tune without taking the capo off
  • Also works as a string winder

Is the Roadie 2 worth the price?

Many players would hesitate to buy the Roadie 2 just because of the price tag. If you have the money to spend, you should make sure you have a decent guitar to work with before buying gizmos and gadgets. But if you have the money to spare, the Roadie 2 can really make your life a lot easier. You can use it to quickly tune your guitar and spend your time playing the guitar instead of tuning it.

Who would benefit from buying a Roadie 2?

A beginning player or anybody who finds tuning the guitar to be a hassle. Tuning is very fast with the Roadie, and accurate, too.

Advanced players may like it, too; although advanced players sometimes prefer tuning by ear, many use a digital tuner. The Roadie is a digital tuner that automatically winds the strings for you. One major benefit to the Roadie 2 is that it can help you quickly switch between different alternate tunings, in any capo position. That saves time for players who frequently switch tunings.

How to Buy

Roadie 2 [?]Affiliate Link


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