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Oasis Humidifier


The Oasis Humidifier[?]Affiliate Link is easy-to-use and drip-free.


  • Easily add water with included syringe
  • See at-a-glance when more water is needed due to unique design
  • Absorbent material prevents leaking

Do you need a humidifier?

You will want to use a humidifier whenever your guitar is exposed to humidity levels lower than 40% relative humidity. In the Northeastern USA, this happens mostly in the winter, especially as furnaces turn on, drawing more moisture from the air. Even in climates that do not have a cold winter, the humidity can drop below 40% if the climate has arid or desert-like conditions.

When it’s time to refill

You’ll notice that it’s time to refill the Oasis because it will look shriveled and desiccated.

  1. Twist off the cap
  2. Draw water with the included syringe
  3. Squirt water into humidifier, taking care not to overfill
  4. Replace cap and insert into guitar soundhole, between strings 3 and 4


  • Do not allow absorbent gel to leak out of package
  • Do not overfill (this will cause gel to come out)

How to Buy

For general use:
Oasis Humidifier[?]Affiliate Link

For extra-dry guitars:
Oasis Plus Humidifier[?]Affiliate Link

For use inside the guitar case:
Oasis Case Humidifier[?]Affiliate Link


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