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Mono Gig Bag


The Mono M80 Gig Bag[?]Affiliate Link is a top-quality, light-weight bag that offers maximum protection. It is light enough to carry around, and yet sturdy enough to protect your instrument from damage.


  • Stiff foam bag with some structural support
  • Lots of padding, protecting the instrument from falls
  • Rubber feet keep the instrument off of the ground
  • Pockets for accessories, including a cable strap
  • Neck stabilization inside of the bag


  • Less puncture and crushing resistance than a hard case
  • Relatively expensive


Which size is best?

You should compare your guitar dimensions to ensure a proper fit, but there are three sizes: dreadnought, OM/classical, and parlor. Generally, each size fits the guitar matching that description.

If you are unsure, the dreadnought-sized bag works with most guitars. A little extra room in the gig bag is probably fine, especially since the neck is strapped into place.

Does this gig bag offer maximum protection?

No gig bag can completely protect your instrument. Many players prefer hard cases, which might protect from puncturing and crushing damage, but a sufficiently padded gig bag offers plenty of padding in the event the instrument is dropped—one of the more common scenarios.

Only you can judge whether this case will offer the protection you need, but it does offer a high level of protection and is suitable for almost any scenario.

Is it safe to fly with this case?

The Mono case is a great case to fly with. If you’re trying to carry-on, you’d probably rather have a lightweight bag to carry rather than a hard case.

If you are forced to check the guitar in the end, the case offers a great deal of protection. However, instruments do occasionally suffer damage when transported as checked luggage.

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Mono M80 Gig Bag[?]Affiliate Link


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