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Lock-It Strap


A great choice for your first strap, the Lock-It Guitar Strap[?]Affiliate Link locks automatically to strap pins.


  • Easily lock the strap to your strap pins, ensuring the strap stays secured
  • No modification to guitar necessary


  • Works best with guitars that have two strap pins; acoustic guitars often have only one

Do you need a strap?

If you will only play sitting down, you may not find that you need a strap as it often gets in the way of players in the seated position. But if you will spend any time practicing standing up, a strap is a must. Many players prefer the standing posture, and it offers a possible health benefit as well.

The importance of strap locks

Strap locks secure your strap to the guitar, preventing it from slipping off. Without the lock, the strap could pull free at any time, exposing your guitar to the risk of a nasty fall.

Most strap locks require installation, however. They consist of a part that is installed on the guitar with an electric drill, and another part that is attached to the strap. Although this solution is perhaps the best long-term, many players don’t want to modify their guitars, especially for infrequent strap use.

Is this compatible with your guitar?

For this locking strap to work correctly, your guitar should have two strap pins. One on the end block (the “butt” of the instrument) and one on the back of the neck. Most acoustic guitars have the first one but not the neck button.

If your guitar, like most acoustic guitars, has only one strap pin, you can add the second one yourself, have a luthier do it (recommended), or use a guitar neck adapter.

Fitting the strap

The leather portion of the strap may need to be substantially stretched and reamed. In our tests, it even had to be cut a little bit with a pair of small scissors to fit it over the strap pin. This is likely an intentional design; stretching the hole means that it ends up just large enough to fit over the pin, and no larger. This results in a tighter fit.

How to engage the lock

Once you’ve got the strap fitting over your end pin, you open the lock with your thumb, fit it over the pin, and release. The spring locks it in place.

How to Buy

Lock-It Guitar Strap[?]Affiliate Link


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