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Kyser Quickchange


Kyser Standard Capo[?]Affiliate Link capos are affordable, and widely used. They are effective as a general-purpose capo. Players should be mindful of tuning issues that arise from using fixed-tension spring capos.


  • Simple—most beginners figure it out in moments
  • Fast—change keys effortlessly
  • Affordable—worry less about lost capos


  • Fixed tension may cause more tuning issues than adjustable tension

Who is this for?

The Kyser Quick-Change capo is the ideal capo for the beginner looking for a no-fuss capo.

Who is this not ideal for?

Players who have a sensitive ear and who are finicky about tuning the instrument may prefer an adjustable-tension capo.

Regular tension vs. low tension

This capo comes in both a Kyser Standard Capo[?]Affiliate Link as well as Kyser Low-Tension Capo[?]Affiliate Link version. The regular tension version may squeeze too hard on some acoustic guitars, causing the strings to go sharp when capo’d. The low-tension version works better for many guitars, but ultimately one cannot know for sure without trying it out.

The standard tension will work fine in most cases, but the low tension would be better if it works for your guitar.

Don’t want to deal with tension issues? Get an adjustable tension capo.

How to Buy

Kyser Standard Capo[?]Affiliate Link

Kyser Low-Tension Capo[?]Affiliate Link


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