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KLIQ UberTuner


The KLIQ UberTuner[?]Affiliate Link is an excellent tuner with a big, clear LCD display that makes tuning your guitar easy.


  • Excellent LCD display with large, clear indicators
  • Easy to use
  • Fully adjustable angle so you can always see the screen clearly


  • Larger clip and form factor

Who is this for?

The KLIQ UberTuner is probably the best all-around guitar tuner when comparing features, functionality and price. The clip is a little bit larger, so players looking for a sleek and unobtrusive tuner may want to consider other options. But in terms of ease of use, the KLIQ is a solid bet, making it a great choice for anyone but especially beginners.

How to Buy

KLIQ UberTuner[?]Affiliate Link


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