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G7th Performance 2 Capo


If price is no object, the G7th Performance[?]Affiliate Link capo is perhaps the best available.


  • Built-to-last—quality construction ensures long service life
  • Fast—change keys effortlessly
  • One-handed—unlock the tension with one finger, easily moving the capo around the guitar
  • Adjustable tension—tension is adjustable ensuring reduced tuning issues


  • Among the more expensive options

Who is this for?

The G7th capo is ideal if you’re a frequent capo user, a professional player, or anybody interested in finding the best capo.

Adjusting the tension

The G7th capo uses a mechanism similar to the ratchet. If you’ve ever engaged a car’s parking brake, you’ll be familiar with this mechanism. The harder you push, the tighter the ratchet engages—and it stays locked in the tightest position it reaches until disengaged.

However, unlike a ratchet, the G7th Performance uses a similar mechanism called a wrap-spring clutch. Unlike a ratchet which only can engage in a number of positions, the wrap-spring clutch will engage and lock at exactly the highest level of tension used. In other words, you’ll have 100% control over the tension, which is why this capo is so effective.

To engage the capo, simply place it over the desired fret and squeeze. The harder you squeeze, the tighter the capo will lock into place. Simply squeeze it on, and test the open strings. If there is any buzzing, squeeze more and repeat this process until all strings ring clearly.

How to Buy

G7th Performance[?]Affiliate Link


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