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G7th Heritage Capo


The G7th Heritage[?]Affiliate Link is a beautiful and top-quality capo. It would also make a wonderful gift for a guitar player who has almost everything.


  • Top quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Adjustable tension, allowing for fewer tuning issues
  • Adapts to radius of guitar, allowing for better fit and better tuning


  • Among the more expensive options

Who is this for?

The G7th Heritage capo is ideal if you’re a frequent capo user, a professional player, or anybody interested in finding the best capo.

The adjustable tension make it perfect for dialing in just the right amount of tension—but not enough to ruin the intonation of the instrument.

The capo also adapts to the radius of any guitar.

It would be a perfect gift for a guitar player who has (almost) everything.

Adjusting the tension

The G7th capo has a thumb screw which allows the player to manually dial in the ideal tension.

To find the right tension, fit the capo onto the guitar and test pluck the unfretted strings. Gradually increase the tension until they all ring clearly with no buzz.

How to Buy

G7th Heritage[?]Affiliate Link


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