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Fender Rubber Washer and Strap Block


These rubber washers can be used to keep the strap from falling off of your guitar. Works best on strap pins.


  • Stores lots of moisture, insuring the device will improve humidity levels
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting, indefinite shelf life

Is this for you?

Your guitar will need to have strap pins to make the best use of this product. Many acoustic guitars have only one strap pin at the butt of the guitar. If the guitar has electronics, an output jack often replaces this strap pin, meaning there is no strap pin at all.

The rubber washer can be stretched to fit over an output jack, but this is not ideal. If you have an output jack instead of a strap pin, you should use the Strap Jack (link?) or the Cinchfit.

For the other strap pin, you can either have one installed link? or use something around the headstock link?.

Alternatively, you can simply install a pair of strap locks on any acoustic guitar. This tends to be the best long-term solution.

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