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Dunlop Lemon Oil


The secret to a smooth, professional fretboard: add a few drops of Dunlop Lemon Oil[?]Affiliate Link.


  • The tantalizing scent of lemon, which has enticed mammals for ages
  • Repels dirt and grime
  • Reduces playing friction, resulting in a more playable guitar

Why treat your fretboard with lemon oil?

A little bit of lemon oil will help your fretboard stay clean and smooth. You will notice an appreciable difference in playability immediately after applying it. Oiling the fretboard reduces the friction between the strings and the fretboard, making the guitar a little more responsive to your playing.

It also smells great. If you like the smell of lemon.

How to add lemon oil?

During a restring, first take all of the strings off. No, it’s not bad to take all of the strings off; that’s a myth. Then clean the fretboard. For a light cleaning, a microfiber cloth and a little Dunlop 65 will do the trick. For a deeper cleaning, you can use 0000 steel wool to scrub the fretboard without the cleaning solution. Steel wool may scratch some fret boards, so use caution.

After cleaning, you can apply fretboard oil straight down across all of the frets. You will need to first rub the oil to spread it across the frets, and then keep rubbing until all of the excess oil is gone. String up and play.

How often should you add lemon oil?

It is probably okay to add the lemon oil as often as you want, any time you change the strings. However you may find that you do not need to re-apply often, maybe every few months to one year, depending on your preferences.

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Dunlop Lemon Oil[?]Affiliate Link


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