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DR Phosphor Bronze Strings (Veritas)


DR Phosphor Bronze Veritas (12) [?]Affiliate Link are affordable, USA-made strings with top-quality tone.


  • Great phosphor-bronze tone
  • Affordable
  • Made in the USA

Why DR strings?

Simply put, DR strings sound great and are relatively affordable. There may be better sounding strings in higher price points, but even professional players often do not use premium-priced strings due to the need to change strings frequently.

DR Veritas strings have an improved core and therefore may last a bit longer than the original DR Phosphor Bronze Strings (12)[?]Affiliate Link strings, and have a modest improvement to tone. Both strings are good.

Why not coated strings?

Coated strings have increased in popularity in recent years, with many players prefering them. However, all strings suffer a tone loss after being played. And while string coating prolongs the life of the wound strings, it doesn't do much for the plain steel ones.

Strings are a disposable item, and they’re meant to be changed. If you truly dread changing your strings, you might prefer coated strings, but nothing beats a new set of strings.

How to Buy

DR Phosphor Bronze Veritas:
DR Phosphor Bronze Veritas (12) [?]Affiliate Link

DR Phosphor Bronze Veritas (3-pack):
DR Phosphor Bronze Veritas (12) 3 pack[?]Affiliate Link


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