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Dampit Humidifier


The Dampit Humidifier[?]Affiliate Link is a simple but effective humidifier that uses a sponge inside of a long tube.


  • Stores lots of moisture, resulting in improved humidity levels
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting, indefinite shelf life

Do you need a humidifier?

You will want to use a humidifier whenever your guitar is exposed to humidity levels lower than 40% relative humidity. In the Northeastern USA, this happens mostly in the winter, especially as furnaces turn on, drawing more moisture from the air. Even in regions that do not have a cold winter, the humidity can drop below 40% during drought or desert-like conditions.

How to use the Dampit humidifier

Submerge the Dampit in water, massaging it until it is saturated. Remove it from the water and gently squeeze out any excess liquid, as an oversaturated sponge is prone to drip. Once you have the desired amount of liquid in the sponge, gently wipe the outside of the dampit dry and place it in your guitar.

Does water matter?

If the water in your supply is hard, meaning it has a high mineral content, the humidifier may not last as long as it otherwise would. Some manufacturers suggest using distilled water, claiming that tap water will eventually render the humidifier useless.

Here’s a suggestion: try using tap water. If you have problems, you can always buy another humidifier and use distilled water next time.

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Dampit Humidifier[?]Affiliate Link


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