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Breedlove Oregon Concert


The Breedlove Oregon series stands among the best quality acoustic guitars on the market in any price point. Any player would be delighted to have one.


  • Beautiful tone
  • Flawless playability
  • Attractive solid-wood body
  • USA-made


  • None

Who is this for?

This guitar would be a great investment for any player, of any level. Even a beginner can benefit from owning this guitar, provided that they intend to use it every day indefinitely. Guitar is a lifetime commitment, so get a guitar that will last a lifetime!

Tonewood pairing

The Breedlove Oregon series is built with a solid spruce top and myrtlewood back and sides. Spruce is widely used in guitar tops due to its light weight and high stiffness. Myrtlewood grows in the Pacific Northwest and is harvested sustainably. Although it’s not very well known except to guitar builders in Oregon, it looks and sounds incredible.


The Oregon Concert has a bright, crisp and clear sound. It lends great definition to fingerstyle guitar as each of the strings can be heard distinctly. It is also great for lead guitar as the high clarity gives emphasis to the attack of each note. The guitar can also be used for rhythm, although one might argue it shines best during fingerstyle guitar and lead guitar playing.


The Oregon is built in the USA. Each one is flawless and can be expected to last a lifetime if cared for. Solid wood guitars continue to evolve over the course of their life, causing subtle changes to their tone.


The Oregon series guitar emphasizes low-key and unpretentious aesthetics: little flashy abalone and few inlays. The fret markers are humble dots, and the body has a simple black binding with a neat herringbone pattern. This allows the wood to speak for itself. Every wood set is unique and will have multiple patterns and figurations that make your guitar truly different.

How to Buy

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