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Breedlove Masterclass Concert


The Breedlove Masterclass[?]Affiliate Link is a top-of-the-line instrument that will serve you for a lifetime.


  • Excellent tone
  • Perfect playability
  • Beautiful appointments and features


  • Among the more expensive options



You can see for yourself the options at the Build-to-order page for the Masterclass. Here are some highlights.

The Masterclass is currently offered as a custom build-to-order program, allowing you to choose the wood used for the top and sides, the body shape, cutaway, and some of the other appointments.


The masterclass is a tonal wonder. It’s hard to imagine a better-sounding guitar.


The Masterclass guitar gets plenty of attention from the top luthiers at Breedlove. It’s an amazing guitar to play.

Like all solid wood guitars, you’ll still want to protect it from over-humidification or under-humidification, and it will benefit from regular set-ups, especially earlier in its lifetime.

Appointments and features

The Build-To-Order Masterclass program is unique in that it lets you choose from among some of the more common features for binding, purfling and inlays. There are enough options available that you can design a basically one-of-a-kind guitar.

How to Buy

Breedlove Masterclass[?]Affiliate Link


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