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Skype Guitar Lessons with Grey

Grey teaches a guitar lesson via Skype

Why Study with Grey?

It's no secret. Ask any accomplished guitar player, and they'll tell you that private lessons can be a great help—if you find the right teacher.

I have been teaching guitar lessons via Skype since 2010.

My method is to evaluate each student's level in a number of areas of competency such as ear training, rhythm, fretboard knowledge, and more. Combining this information with the student's stated goals helps me to create a plan for each student to make progress at the fastest rate possible.

My goal is to point a laser to the one area needing the most work—the work that will make you a better guitar player, and quickly. From there I will give you specific exercises and solutions to make improvements.

The rest is up to you.

Why Skype Lessons?

Skype lessons have advantages and disadvantage over face-to-face lessons.

Some of the disadvantages:

  • The teacher and student cannot play together in real time
  • If the internet connection (or equipment used) is poor, quality will suffer

For many, these are outweighed by significant advantages:

  • More choice means you can study with any teacher you want.
  • No need to make a long, difficult trip to a teaching studio.
  • Multimedia-rich lessons can take advantage of the latest technology
  • You can easily record the entire lesson for later reference.

Overall, it can be a good fit depending on the needs of the individual teacher and student.

Testimonials from Grey's Students

“Greg Arney has the heart, mind and soul of a teacher.  Empathetic and able to custom tailor an approach that fits the student, Greg inspires his students to excel at their goals.” – Michael Wartofsky, Professor, Berklee College of Music

"I’ve been having lessons with Greg and I cannot recommend him enough. I had taught myself guitar in my teens and played what I could, but I had definitely hit a plateau. I decided to take lessons, to see if I could improve things a bit, though was sure I probably had so many bad habits that a guitar teacher would either despair, or not take me seriously. I achieved my initial, modest goals and now have about 100 new goals, things I would never have thought were possibilities!  I am learning different styles – flamenco, blues, classical and amidst work deadlines and the busyness of the week, guitar lessons are a real highlight." — Jenny Thomson, Professor, University of Sheffield

How it Works

  • Meet once weekly for 30 minutes—the ideal schedule, proven over the centuries as being the most effective.
  • Use your computer, or even tablet/phone to meet me for your lesson from anywhere in the world.
  • Expect to spend 30 minutes concentrating really, really hard.
  • Wait for my weekly lesson notes written to help guide you through your week of practice.
  • Contact me any time with questions about your practice. I will serve as your personal coach.

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As the creator of Hub Guitar, Grey has compiled hundreds of guitar lessons, written several books, and filmed hundreds of video lessons. He teaches private lessons in his Boston studio, as well as via video chat through TakeLessons.

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