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Hub Guitar, LLC is a company dedicated solely to helping you learn to play the guitar.

Here is a little bit about what we do:

Private Lessons: We offer private lessons in Boston, MA, Manchester, NH and Burlington, VT. We hope to eventually bring quality guitar lessons to every corner of the universe, but we're starting with those three.

Skype Lessons: Outside of our radius? No problem. You can drive 4 hours to take a lesson with one of our teachers, but wouldn't it be easier if there was a way to do it right from your home? Oh wait, there already is, and it's called video chat. Many of our students are video-chat only.

Free online guitar learning: As you've probably figured out by now, most of the people trying to teach you guitar on free websites don't know their ass from their elbow, and aren't qualified to touch a decent guitar, let alone play one. We put together some of the most highly-qualified guitar teachers and built online lessons for you to use for free. Consider it our gift to humanity, if you will.

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