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Intermediate lessons for Guitar

Title Category ID
Double Stop Technique Technique TQ-16
Three-Note Chromatic Pull-Off Technique TQ-63
Hearing Major Scale Intervals Musicianship MU-06
Guitar Trill Technique Technique TQ-17
Fingerstyle Beginner Lesson Technique TQ-18
Barre Chords Technique Technique TQ-26
Building Chords from the Major Scale Music Theory TH-10
Strumming Behind the Nut Technique TQ-27
Major Scale Chord Function: How Chords Behave Music Theory TH-09
Why You're Touching the Wrong Strings Technique TQ-28
Intermediate Music Theory Quiz Music Theory TH-15
How to Switch Between Chords Technique TQ-29
Guitar Bend Technique Overview Technique TQ-19
Guitar Legato Style Technique TQ-20
Up-Picking Overview Technique TQ-21
Guitar Tremolo Picking Overview Technique TQ-22
Eighth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 3 Technique TQ-23
Eighth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 4 Technique TQ-24
Guitar Vibrato Technique Technique TQ-25
Pick The Bass Notes Technique TQ-64
One Octave Arpeggio Forms Fretboard FR-109
Guitar Interval Map Fretboard FR-11
Guitar Triads Chart (Suspended 2) Fretboard FR-12
Guitar Triads Chart (Suspended 4) Fretboard FR-13
Memorize the Notes on the Fretboard Using Octaves Fretboard FR-14
How To Play Barre Chords (Introduction) Fretboard FR-15
How To Play Minor Scales Fretboard FR-16
One-Octave Parallel Mode Fingerings Fretboard FR-17
Five Pentatonic Scale Fingerings Fretboard FR-18
How To Play Seventh Chords in C Fretboard FR-19
How to Play Barre Chords: CAGED System Fretboard FR-20
Chromatic Scale Patterns Fretboard FR-27
Chord Progression Cycles Fretboard FR-28
Guitar Eighth Note Rhythms, Pt 1 Musicianship MU-07
Eighth Note Rhythms - Part 2 Musicianship MU-08
How to Count: Be Aware of the Beat Musicianship MU-11
Play An 8 Bar Blues Musicianship MU-32
Play a Blues Shuffle Musicianship MU-33
Play a “Sliding 9th Chord” Blues Musicianship MU-34
Play a Memphis-Style Blues Musicianship MU-35
Play a Minor Blues Musicianship MU-36
Play a Blues Rock Musicianship MU-37
Play an Upbeat Texas Blues Musicianship MU-38
Harmonic Stress: Why the Order of Chords Matters Music Theory TH-11
Intervals, the Building Blocks of Harmony Music Theory TH-12
Understanding the Circle of Fifths Music Theory TH-13
The Pentatonic Scale Music Theory TH-51

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