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Basic Lessons for Guitar

Title Category ID
Basic Guitar Strumming Patterns Lesson Technique TQ-05
Hammer-on and Pull-off Techniques Technique TQ-06
Palm Muting Technique Technique TQ-07
Improvising with Major Scale Musicianship MU-10
Slide Technique Overview Technique TQ-08
Alternate Picking Guitar Lesson Technique TQ-09
Downpicking Technique Technique TQ-10
Volume Swell Effect Technique TQ-11
Power Chord Technique Lesson Technique TQ-12
Quarter-Note Strumming Patterns Technique TQ-13
Eighth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 1 Technique TQ-14
Eighth-Note Strumming Patterns, Pt. 2 Technique TQ-15
The Major Scale Formula Music Theory TH-05
Basic Music Theory Quiz Music Theory TH-08
Learning the Open Position Notes Fretboard FR-96
Guitar Chords for Beginners - Campfire Chords Fretboard FR-03
Guitar Chords for Beginners - Campfire Chords, Pt 2 Fretboard FR-10
Basic Arpeggio Exercise Fretboard FR-104
Open Chords in C Major Fretboard FR-80
G Major Scale Open Position Fretboard FR-102
Open Chords and Suspended Chords Fretboard FR-07
Major Scale and Major Pentatonic Scale Fretboard FR-06
Guitar Triads Chart (Major) Fretboard FR-04
Guitar Triads Chart (Minor) Fretboard FR-05
How to Play Power Chords Fretboard FR-08
Play Melodies by Ear Using the Scale Musicianship MU-05
Off-the-beat (Syncopated) Rhythms Musicianship MU-03
Strumming the Guitar Musicianship MU-04
Slow “I vi IV V” Progression Musicianship MU-31
Improv with “I iii iv V” Progression Musicianship MU-43
Improv with “I V vi IV” Musicianship MU-44
Improv with “I vi ii V” Musicianship MU-45
Improv with upbeat “I vi IV V” Musicianship MU-46
Improv with “V IV I” Musicianship MU-47
What Key Is This? How to Identify the Root Note Music Theory TH-06
Why the Guitar is Tuned in Fourths Music Theory TH-07
Learn the Open Position F Major Scale Fretboard FR-111
Learn All Open Chords in G Fretboard FR-110

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