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Professional Guitar Lessons

Title Category ID
Bending and Tapping Overview Technique TQ-58
Tremolo Chords Technique TQ-65
Hearing Triads Musicianship MU-26
Advanced Harmonic Applications of Triads Music Theory TH-42
Modal Interchange: Borrowing Weird Chords Music Theory TH-44
Music Theory Quiz: Master Music Theory TH-48
Hybrid Picking Overview Technique TQ-59
Special Effects Overview Technique TQ-60
Sweep Picking Overview Technique TQ-61
Tapping Overview Technique TQ-62
Improvisation with Contrasting Voices Musicianship MU-27
Add Some Feeling To Your Playing Musicianship MU-28
Removing the Metronome Scaffolding Musicianship MU-29
Memorizing All Drop 2 and Drop 3 Chords Fretboard FR-107
Stop Time - Advanced Rhythm Exercise Musicianship MU-30
Harmonic Minor Scale for Guitar, All Modes Fretboard FR-63
Improv with Bossa Nova (Major) Musicianship MU-49
Modifying 7th Chord Structures Fretboard FR-64
Improv with Bossa Nova (Minor) Musicianship MU-50
Melodic Minor Guitar Scales & Modes Fretboard FR-65
Diminished Scale Patterns Fretboard FR-71
Substitute Dominant Patterns Fretboard FR-72
Japanese Pentatonic Scales Hirajoshi Fretboard FR-73
Harmonic Major Patterns Fretboard FR-74
Quartal Harmony (Chords in Fourths) Fretboard FR-97
Advanced Harmony with Substitute Seventh Chords Music Theory TH-49
Advanced Chord Scales, Part 2 Music Theory TH-50
Understanding Modal Harmony: Building Chords from Modes Music Theory TH-43
Mode Formulas: How the “Church Modes” Are Made Music Theory TH-45
Subdominant Minor Chords: Borrowing Chords from Minor Keys Music Theory TH-46
Learning All of the C Major Notes on the Guitar Fretboard FR-108

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