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Major Scale Fingerings (3-Note)

These 7 guitar fingerings are built using a strict 3-note-per-string pattern, which is more consistent than other scale patterns you might have seen. Because the other scale patterns sometimes have 2 notes per string and sometimes 3, strict alternate pickingalternate picking is a technique making use of a strict up-and-down cyclical picking pattern with no variations. It can, however, be played both forward (down-up-down-up) and backward (up-down-up-down). usually applies.

These scale fingerings cover a broader range than the fingerings you’ve learned so far. They have several advantages: they can be played using economy pickingEconomy picking is a picking technique where notes on the same repeated string are played using alternate picking, but when switching to the next string, you will use something like sweep picking where two consecutive strings are played with the same picking motion.; and they help you start to connect the scale fingerings together. Remember, scale patterns are abitrary. Each scale can be divided into different patterns or the guitar can be seen as one massive scale. Memorize these patterns.

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