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Sight Reading Basic Exercise 17


这个例子中用了一系列的power chords重力和弦,应该在6th弦和5th弦上移动。找到root noteFor a chord or scale, this is often both the lowest note in the chord, and also the note to which all other notes in the structure are compared. For a scale, this term is essentially synonymous with the tonal center.然后在两根弦上弹奏,形成重力和弦。


这个旋律大部分由四分音符组成,也有一些accidentalAny named note whose pitch is modified by a sharp (♯) or flat (♭) symbol. This even includes notes that are returned to a non-sharp or non-flat by the natural symbol (♮).,所以特别注意音的准确性。

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