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SOLO: Romanza

This anonymous piece is often titled “Spanish Romance”.


This piece has two sections, “A”, and “B”. The A section is in the minor key, with a somber mood. Then the B section switches to the parallelTwo musical structures (normally melodies) are parallel with respect to each other when they begin at the same point and follow each other in the same direction. major key, causing an abrupt change that piques the listen”s interest.

Mixed Difficulty

The A section of this tune is quite approachable even for the beginning guitar player, so rightly or wrongly, guitar players often encounter this tune early on in their studies.

Unfortunately, the B section is considerably more difficult and contains barreA barre chord is a chord created by using a single finger to fret multiple strings. The most common case is the index finger simultaneously fretting all six strings on the same fret, with the other fingers used to fret additional notess above the barre. chords, which are well beyond the grasp of most beginning players. Many guitar players study for a year or more before they are able to play barre chords.

If you are a beginning player, you may wish to learn the A section only. The B section will always be here when you’re ready to tackle it.


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