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SOLO: Lament (Pat Coldrick)

A wonderful fingerstyle tune by Irish virtuoso Pat Coldrick.

The Form

  • Play from the beginning to mm16, and take the repeat back to the beginning.
  • From the beginning, play all the way through to mm28 until the D.C. al Coda, which means to return to the beginning and prepare for the coda.
  • Play from the beginning again, this time to measure 26 (to coda) and now jump to mm29.
  • Play from mm29 to the end.


  • Practice the tune slowly.
  • Pay special attention to the slur on mm2. It must end on a “D”, but the open E string must also remain clear to ring even as you move to the Bmin chord on mm3.
  • Another tricky spot is mm29-30 at the coda. You must practice this at a ratio of about 10:1 (compared to the rest of the music).


Drop D (DADGbe)

Melody/Lead Sheet

Click here to download the pdf.

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