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SOLO: Bianco Fiore

Bianco Fiore

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This renaissance-era tune is attributed to Cesare Negri (c. 1535 - c. 1605) because it appears in his dance instruction work, Le Gratie d'Amore. This version differs from most others in that it remains true to the original as much as possible. Some small changes were made to adapt the music from lute to guitar, and occasionally notes were moved by one octave.

The tune has mostly two voices at one time, with the occasional three-string chord, making it a suitable piece for beginners.


  • Learn how to tune your guitar to drop D tuning (DADGbe) by tuning the 6th string down one whole-step.
  • Practice the tune slowly, preferably one section at a time.
  • Some repeats will be needed to turn this into a full-length tune. You can play AABBCC, or ABCABC.


Click here to download the pdf.

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