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We're going to do a basic introduction to fingerstyle. I've found that even absolute beginners can get started playing fingerstyle guitar after just 20 minutes of studying this lesson.

Fingerstyle just means you pluck the strings with your fingers -- not a pick. Normally you'd use your thumb, index, middle and ring. They're are abbreviated from Spanish terms: p, i, m, a. The pinky is not normally used.

The cool thing about fingerstyle is that you'll be selecting notes to pluck with your plucking hand, so the chord shapes you make with your fretting hand can consist of both correct and incorrect notes, as you'll only be plucking the correct notes.

Let's do a few warmups.

First, we're going to use a G major chord shape with an open E on the end like this. That's called a Gmaj6. And we're going to pluck a downward roll with P, I, M, A.

Now, we'll do the same thing but we'll separate the thumb; just let the thumb keep plucking the G and the other three fingers can move around.

Now we'll do a forward roll followed by a backwards roll.

Now let's play a bit of music.

We're going to play a nice and easy fingerstyle pattern with a bass that moves around a little bit. The chord part will be pretty much the same. Open d, open g and D on the third fret. The bass part will go like this:

So now we'll combine them together. Bass, chord, bass, chord.

Once you get comfortable with that you may like to throw in the High E string occasionally, or even some other notes from the open position G major scale. I'm going to give you a quick example too. OK! Great! So try those patterns out for yourself and see if you can get your right hand really comfortable with those basic fingerstyle patterns and that's going to open up a lot for you to do open position chord.

怎样弹奏 Fingerstyle Guitar(指弹风格吉他)

Fingerstyle guitar (有时也称作fingerpicking) 是一种用拨弦的手指不用拨片,直接拨动琴弦的技巧。一般使用拨弦的手的大拇指、食指、中指,有时也会用小指。习惯上,这些手指被译为: p, i, m, a。大拇指是 p,食指是 i,中指是 m,无名指是 a。这些缩写来源于西班牙语。(pulgar, indice, medio, anular)

Fingerstyle 是用手弹吉他音符的统称,可以用于经典、拉丁和乡村风格中。

fingerstyle 吉他手的目标是同时演奏几个独立音乐乐章。歌曲的 bass-lineA bass-line is a series of low notes, often played on the 6th or 5th string of the guitar, which serves as an anchor for the music., chordA harmonic structure (that is, the combination of several notes) which ideally produces a pleasing sound. Chords are normally created by stacking notes in groups of thirds. s 和 melodyA series of pitches which form a memorable musical statement. 可以在微微调整后一起演奏。

用手指弹奏独立的和弦是开始finger style最好的方法。和弦的音符可以是 arpeggiatedAn arpeggiated chord is a chord whose notes are played individually. In this case, even though they are plucked separately, they tend to collect and ring together.,每根手指一次弹一个音符。但也可以是手指同时弹所有的音符。

Fingerstyle Example

让我们从 Gmaj 和弦开始学习。由于我们的例子是 “G”调的,和弦中所有的音调都适用 —即使是 high “E” 弦,空弹,也是在G大调中的,但不通常在G 和弦中。Fingerpicking 有一点点改变了 ‘规则’。如果直接扫弦的话,这个和弦听起来可能不是很好听,原因是它的音调全部 “混杂” 在一起了。但是,如果是用手指弹奏的话,每一个音都开始分开并且鸣响;这能够包装那些不和谐的和弦,使它们听起来很动听。


Fingerstyle Sequence 1


在 sequence #1中,四只手指如同团队一样合作,弹拨 sequence中的每一个音符。大拇指从最粗弦开始,食指从后面那根弦开始,依此类推。每次向下一根弦移动的时候,四只手指一起移动到下一组四根弦上。

Fingerstyle Sequence 2


在 sequence #2中,大拇指继续弹奏和弦中的 bass note,G。其余的三只手指还是像刚才那样团队合作,弹奏 sequence中每一个音符,然后移动到下面一组琴弦上继续重复。大拇指保持跟在其后。

Fingerstyle Sequence 3


在 sequence #3中,四只手指还是像之前那样弹奏 sequence,但是现在它们还要反向移动,所以说,无名指最靠前,大拇指最后。


Fingerstyle Sequence 4

The chords used

在这最后的 sequence中,我们将会不断的用食指、中指和无名指弹奏相同的三根琴弦:the fourth string(D弦),the third string(G弦)和 the second string(B弦),(D,G和D调)。现在,我们要移动和弦的 bass,创造出一个更加有活力,流畅的和声。

The notation and tab

这个例子告诉我们即使是一个非常简单的 pattern 也可以非常悦耳动听。

fingerstyle 和弦有着无限种可能性。bass的部分可以改变,最高音或者 旋律可以改变,同样还有中间音 – 位于最高音和最低音之间的音符。尝试用这个技巧来弹奏指弹风和弦,并且试着多改变,你将会自己发掘出其他更多的结果。

  1. 练习上面四个sequences直到完全掌握为止。
  2. 将这些 sequences应用到其他歌曲的和弦进程中。
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