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Hammer-on(击弦)和 Pull-off(勾弦)技巧

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Let's talk about hammer-ons and pull-offs.

This is a fret-hand technique, so it doesn't have very much to do with the picking hand. So I'm going to play the first note with the picking hand. But the second one I'm going to just activate with my fret-hand.

So we can use a hammer-on to play the note above, or we can use a pull-off to play the note below. Notice that you can see my hand when I do that if you want, which means my hand doesn't need it to do the motion. Once again, here is the hammer-on, and here is the pull-of. I just picked the string one time.

As you can see, they're basically the same but opposite. The only difference is a hammer-on is played by the force of the finger striking the string, but the pull off is played by dragging the string outwards slightly as you come off of it. You can't simply pull up, you have to pull to the side to cause the string to ring again.

We're going to practice with an E major scale on the open E string.

First, we'll hammer-on going up the scale.

It's also a good idea to try this with other fingers, but you get the idea.

Next, we'll do two hammer-ons going up the scale.

Okay, so let's try the scale with pull offs.

We can combine the techniques as well.

Now, we can do two pull-offs.

We can also make a lot of different combinations.

So practice these techniques to add some more interesting sounds to your playing. You can use this when playing a scale, a melody, or even chord progressions. So try it out for yourself.

什么是 Hammer-ons(击弦) 和 Pull-offs(勾弦)?

Hammer-ons 和 pull-offs 是修饰音中会使用到的技巧。与滑音相似,hammer-on 是通过右手拨弦发音之后,按弦的手在指板上捶打同一根弦发出第二个音。pull-off 的动作和 hammer-on 完全相反。

许多我们的学生都问我们到底要怎么样才能掌握 hammer-ons 和 pull-offs,我们需要的是控制按弦的手,不断练习,以发出清晰的音,然后,我们还需要及时敲击确保听起来干脆。

基础 Hammer-on

首先,让我们学习最基本的 hammer-on。

  1. 用食指按下第四品的 high “E” string。
  2. 用拨弦的手拨动 high “E” string。
  3. 弦发出音后,再用中指敲击同一根弦的第五品。
  4. Note: 一开始你必须很大力地敲击在在目标fret下面一点的地方。

基础 Pull-off

现在,我们学习基本的 pull-off。

  1. 用中指按下第五品的 high “E” string。
  2. 同时,用食指按下同一根弦的第四品。
  3. 用拨弦的手拨 high “E” string。
  4. 当弦发音的时候,放开你的中指(按在第五品的)朝地板方向划出去。


练习 Hammer-ons的音阶

e natural
fret tile
f sharp, g flat
fret tile
fret tile
g sharp, a flat
fret tile
a natural
fret tile
fret tile
b natural
fret tile
fret tile
c sharp, d flat
fret tile
fret tile
d sharp, e flat
fret tile
e natural
fret tile
fret tile
fret tile

Hammer-ons 和 Pull-offs 的练习

Exercise #1: 用 Hammer-on 弹奏大调音阶

先弹奏 open “E”,然后用食指 hammer-on F♯,再重复弹 open “E”,接着用食指 hammer-on G♯,依此类推直到 high E后,再往回弹。

Exercise #2: Two hammer-ons

弹奏 open “E”,然后用食指 hammer-on F♯,用无名指 hammer-on G♯,接着再次弹 open “E”,hammer-on后两个音,到 high “E”后往回弹。

Exercise #3: 用Pull-off 弹奏音阶

弹奏 open “E”,然后用食指弹 F♯,pull-off open “E”,再次重复弹 open E,接着弹 G♯,pull off open E,依此类推,之后往回弹奏一次。

Exercise #4: Two pull-offs

先弹 open “E”,然后弹 G♯,pull-off F♯,pull-off open E。依此类推,之后往回弹奏一次。

Exercise #5: Hammer-ons 和 pull-offs

用 hammer-ons上行弹奏音阶,然后用 pull-offs弹奏下行音阶。

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