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Testimonials from Our Students

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"I’ve been having lessons with Greg and I cannot recommend Boston Guitar Lessons enough. I had taught myself guitar in my teens and played what I could, but I had definitely hit a plateau. I decided to take lessons, to see if I could improve things a bit, though was sure I probably had so many bad habits that a guitar teacher would either despair, or not take me seriously. At BGL, neither of these was true – I achieved my initial, modest goals and now have about 100 new goals, things I would never have thought were possibilities!  I am learning different styles – flamenco, blues, classical and amidst work deadlines and the busyness of the week, guitar lessons are a real highlight."

"I'm an intermediate guitar player, and Greg is simply the best guitar teacher I've had. He's friendly and professional, and does a great job of scaling his knowledge to your individual skill level. He helped me achieve an unexpected break-through in chord theory, teaching me the needed skills I needed to reharmonize a tune or find good chord substitutions as needed. If you're looking for a solid guitar teacher, check him out!" - Rev. Eric Hausman

"Greg Arney has the heart, mind and soul of a teacher.  Empathetic and able to custom tailor an approach that fits the student, Greg inspires his students to excel at their goals." – Michael Wartofsky, Professor, Berklee College of Music

"I took guitar lessons with Greg for over a year, and I still have mad guitar skills! I def recommend taking lessons with Greg!" - Ami, 14

"Coming into a guitar lesson with Greg I didn't know what to expect. I was stuck in a rut. Now every week I have a something new to learn! It's exciting to know that a teacher was once in your shoes and teaches at an exceptionally well pace. I'm never too overwhelmed and I always have something to do. I'm getting taught things i've always wanted to know!" -- Simone, 16

"I've been taking lessons with Greg for a few months now, and it has been great. I've learned so much with him. He's definitely a great teacher." – Fabian, 17