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SOLO: Wind Song (Kotaro Oshio)

A fitting solo tune to bridge the gap between the beginning and intermediate levels, Wind Song features a few easier barre chords as well as many position shifts.


  • Practice the tune slowly.
  • Identify and practice the chords used. The faster you can form these chord shapes, the smoother this tune will go.
  • Observe suggested fingerings (circled numbers). These are designed to make learning the tune easier.
  • Focus first on mm1-9. This content consists of nearly half of the tune, due to the many repeats. Master these 9 measures and the rest of the tune will suddenly seem very easy.

The Form

  • mm1-7, ending one (9-10).
  • mm1-7, ending two (10-19).
  • mm1-7, ending three (20-28).
  • At mm28, take del Segno (teleport to mm11)
  • Play from mm11 to end of mm18
  • Now go back to the beginning (because of d.c. al coda)
  • Measure 0 to measure 7, this time take the coda to mm28.
  • mm28 to end


Standard Tuning (EADGbe)

Melody/Lead Sheet

Click here to download the pdf.

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