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SOLO: Twilight (Kotaro Oshio)

A tune that emanates with the spirit of the Argentinean Tango, “Twilight"” by Kotaro Oshio features a minor key melody and occasional percussive slaps on the backbeat.


  • Practice the percussive slap technique very slowly.
  • Observe the fingerings written in the circles.
  • Take note of any slides written in the music. In this tune, slides are functional. Rather than being mere ornaments, they serve to help move the fret hand to new positions.
  • Observe the chords used in the piece and first master them thoroughly—before even trying to read the notes generally. It will be impossibly slow to play until the fret hand is comfortable with quickly forming the chords. This takes time and deliberate study.

The Form

  • Play from the beginning to mm8. You may choose to repeat this once mor before going to B.
  • Play B, take the first ending: play from mm9 to mm16.
  • Play B, take the second ending: play from mm9 to mm15 and jump to the second ending at mm17. Continue on to C.
  • Play C until mm29, now return back to B (mm9).
  • Play B to the third ending (mm9-15, then jump to mm30).
  • Play all the way until mm53. Now we have a D.S. al coda, meaning we need to return to del Segno (mm21). In order to get to the Coda, we have to follow the first repeat at mm29 back to B (mm9). Now we play until coda (mm15).
  • At mm15, jump to coda (mm54)


Standard (EADGbe)


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